User Experience Design // User Interface Design

GetCRAFT is an online platform where brands meet with 2500+ vetted creators in South East Asia to produce strategic marketing content for marketing purposes.

I joined the project as a UX Designer, working in a lean development team supported by multiple network teams scattered across Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Phillipines.


Learnly-Smarta App

User Experience Design // User Interface Design // Product Management

Smarta (formerly named Learnly) is an app engineered to increase the quality of children education by improving the information flow between teachers and parents.

I joined the project as the Head of Design, leading a team of 4 people including myself to incorporate the early prototype under 28 hours. It won the first place in Startup Weekend event held in 2016 and is currently under early development stage.

To maximize accessibility and ease, I chose material design as basis for the UI design, complimented by bright elements to induce a cheerful mood.


Dekoruma App

User Experience Design // User Interface Design

Dekoruma is a tech startup based in Indonesia. It is commonly known for having its online furniture marketplace up at dekoruma.com and has garnered quite a reputation as a startup from Indonesia.

As a freelancer, I designed the interface for its orders and onboarding pages. The results are then treated as a basis for their next step of app development.


Brandt's Atelier Restaurant

Brand Design // Art Direction

Brandt's Atelier first came to me as a brandless street eatery that wants to reestablish itself to take on the market at Jakarta Garden City. As a Brand Designer, I am involved in the full length of the process, from the renaming until grand opening.

The research period that we took was brief yet effective. After we isolated the user persona, the logo design was done soon after by December 2016. We came up with the main concept of "Second Home" and proceeded to decorate the place for young families. By then I designed the murals, menus, posters, the main signage, glass deco and also done the art directing for the overall decoration.

There are plenty of things to show, but the main point is that the new restaurant manages to grab the attention of the new market and thus has been keeping a steady occupancy at the time this post is written.

Documentation photos courtesy to Brandt's Atelier


Inspira Roasters

Illustration // Brand Identity // Art Direction

Inspira Roasters is more than a regular coffee shop. It was conceived with deep passion for coffee. It prides itself for the quality of craftsmanship and commitment to produce the best coffee from bean roasting all the way to brewing.

The design elements therefore, has to reflect said artisanal spirit in kind. We settled with manually drawn illustration style to give it a rough-yet-refined look in contrast with the bold typography and blocky colors. It projects one clear message that no shortcuts were taken in making the coffee, it was all through great effort and thorough planning to create the best coffee possible.

Hosted inside GAIA Cosmo Hotel in Yogyakarta, it also has to reflect a certain degree of class.

Documentation photos courtesy to GAIA Cosmo Hotel